When this employment services firm began its partnership with DP Solutions, they were looking to eliminate their dependence on in-house IT personnel. They also wanted a reliable infrastructure that would allow them to consolidate the time and resources spent on managing their data, as well as a scalable, cost-effective data protection plan.


The organization enlisted DP Solutions’ Confidence Plus Managed Network Services to provide a reliable, long-term solution to their needs. DP Solutions built the company a hosted virtual infrastructure, and assumed the management and maintenance of their systems and end points. With server and desktop conditions continuously monitored and updated by DP Solutions, along with 24×7 help desk support, the organization comfortably relies on DP Solutions for all of their technical needs and concerns.

Technically speaking

DP Solutions removed the company’s on-site server and implemented a multi-user aware, session-specific Citrix environment. The new solution supports individual optimization and employs communication redundancy by applying multiple providers and SONET Technology. The solution is powered by an APC Symmetra UPS and backed up by a diesel generator. Additionally, a Leibert cooling system provides dependable climate control to the hardware. To improve reliability and security, DP Solutions uses its proprietary independent numbering system to assign IP addresses. Electronic monitoring and alerting systems constantly inspect the environmental conditions, power settings, and server strength 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure ultimate reliability and performance.


The client’s hosted virtual infrastructure, along with DP Solutions’ Confidence Plus managed network services, have allowed them to save on IT support and feel confident in the reliability and security of their data. With their systems off-site, the company’s information is not only safe, but also accessible from wherever they choose to operate. This was especially helpful when the client relocated offices in 2011 and DP Solutions’ managed network services allowed for a simple data conversion process enabling them to resume business operations quickly, smoothly and securely following their move. Today, the organization continues to rely on DP Solutions’ services to manage their information systems and provide proactive management and maintenance.